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The Vampire Next Door (the blood addiction)

《*Warning* 》 ✔Some scenes might be upsetting to some readers!There will be blood! ✔This story was not written by a professional writer. There will be errors! But if any is spot by author or readers It will be edited into correction When Mckayda was young she thought her neighbors were weird the very first day her family brought the house right next to the rich family. She was twelve at that time so her mother never took it personal and thought it was just childish behaviors After seeing the vampire from I her bedroom window;they disappeared.She didn't understand why! Three years later the family suddenly comes back;After she had sunk it in that she was only imagining stuffs because she had a big imagination at that age. The vampire choses to make her his since she might have knew there secret.He hunts her like a prey and he's the predator of blood.She is just the cup of blood he likes. Is Nathaniel in love with her or is it just obsession of blood? Is Mckayda in love or is she just so afraid of the vampire she doesn't resist ?

Jennie_Simpson15 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings