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Mekhi's Turf

Mekhi's Turf

He leans in and says I want a kiss while making direct eye contact. I turn my head to the right and look towards the corridor like I expect someone to magically appear and save me. Who am I kidding? Even if my parents came, they wouldn't do anything, my dad would start sucking up to him and sadly my mom doesn't have any backbone. He holds my chin and softly turns my head towards him then leans in and pecks me on my lips. I stare at him stunned, and he stares at me too, his gaze is too intimidating and intense, I look back down. Soft lips, he has soft lips. Finally, he steps back and I can breathe properly again. Join Sky as she tries to survive living in Skulls while raising her little sister and growing up in a broken home. As if that's not enough she grabs the attention of feared gang leader Mekhi who doesn't like to share. Update plan: Weekly Riella

riella275 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings