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Before Tupac’s Fame

Before Tupac’s Fame

Author's Note :) ———————- This piece could not have been finished without my sister a.k.a. Editor, and my inspiration to be a better writer. All the research I did for this piece has made me a better writer and I learned alot from the inspirational rapper/actor/poet Tupac Amaru Shackur. I also learned a lot about myself that I thought I couldn't do. There were some parts of the story I had to come up with on my own, since I couldn't find some information on Tupac's life at 17. I did find roughly enough information, to piece things together, and feel as accurate as possible. For example, I couldn't find exactly who exactly Tupac was staying with in California, so I made up a fictional family Tupac and his family stayed with. All I found is that they were family friends. As well as some of the characters were made up, like Rosé, Willian, Daisy, J Dog, and Mrs. Johnson. Tupac's mother and sister, along with Lelia Steinberg were all actual and important people in Tupac's life. Also all of the places mentioned in the story are also real, and were important places to know during Tupac's life at 17. These are some things that were fictional, as well as some things that were in fact non-fictional in my story. ———————————————————————— Thank you, for giving my short story a read it really means a lot! :)

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