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Skyla is a quiet and secretive girl. Rumors say she had a horrible past, some say it’s disgusting beyond words. If you ask why, you’d probably hear the same thing Skyla has heard for the past fifteen years. ~~~~~ Mason always gets what he wants, rumors say he manipulates teachers into giving him good grades and possibly dated half the girls he met. When a shy but modest Skyla catches his attention, he starts to see something special in her. With Skyla, he feels different, but she’s so quiet about her past that he can’t find even the slightest gap into her. ~~~~~ “I’ll show you watermelon sugar.” He grins devilishly. “Right, and how do you plan to do that?” I raise a brow, tilting my chin along just as a nasty smirk plays on his lips.

crystall · Teen

Lorraines Bullet

Lorraine Anderson Major Lorraine Anderson... The look of an innocent, yet so dangerous. Daughter of the General Army of Queen City. While Youths in her age play with guys she plays with guns. Real guns. A stunning, hot, humble, dangerous, hot field surgeon who serves the army at the same time. Jetblack hair like no other, electric blue eyes that could capture someone's soul in seconds. The figure of a true Goddess, able to kill just with her looks. Damon Owens Lieutenant General Damon Owens... He himself has the body of a model, a god, pure perfection. no mistake. Darkest, most piercing eyes ever have seen. He's cold exterior, his attitude his powerful aura making him more powerful than anything. His body is a weapon of its own. A fierce Leader, with great potential. Born to lead, born to fight, born to protect, and of course born to kill. Put these two in one unit, you shouldn't be expecting anything but Chaos, Love, Hurt, and Betrayal.

Unicorn_Kaki · Teen