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Queen of the Ashes

He thought he'd have everything in life, and for a long time he did. The perfect house, the perfect car, even the perfect girl. He was content, happy with his full and loving life. He wasn't the problem, His brother was, and he was back. The house he'd inherited, didn't come from his parents. The money for his future with the love of his life, wasn't earned through sheer talent. Even the girl he thought was perfect for two years, a broken shell of abuse and pain. Kyle could remember the last time he'd seen his older brother, after all, wherever Kage goes death is sure to follow. Five years had passed since their last encounter, and Kyle didn't welcome his brother with open arms. What happens when secrets from the past are revealed? Heat can mean only one thing, but who will she choose? The boy she loved because he didn't judge her, or the man she craved to share her soul with, her pain and her deepest desires. To break the innocent pure heart of her current boyfriend...or deny herself the only thing she's ever truly desired for herself. What if neither of them truly want her?

Amber1999 ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings