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Paradise was a normal girl, who so happens to be the mate of Emrick, Future Vampire King. In meeting her mate, she's taken down a path of full destruction when secrets between her best friend and mate come to light. Will she be able to maintain the bond of friendship while creating the bond of everlasting love? Will hidden skeletons test the limits of soul mate connections once unleashed. Emrick, Future vampire king, finds his mate during a visit to see an old friend. Everlasting love in the air pulls Emrick to come face to face with a demon girl whom he shares a past with. Will his deceptions cost him the love of his life? The Kingdom? His family? Will there be War once the truth is revealed?

TeresaWilson · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Short stories (fanfics)

unknown_aurthor_0 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings