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The Prince of Magic

The Prince of Magic

To be a King, one must set aside one's personal needs for the sake of others. But, when one was loved by the whole kingdom, the people prayed for his soul to find peace, and the gods heard of their wishes. They (the gods) granted the people's prayers and gave him the special gift of reincarnation. However, there was a catch... he will no longer remain in their world, but be reborn in another. The gods were happy with their decision. The young former king of Lucis, not so much. Watch as he sets on a new adventure in a world that is both similar yet so different than his own, while doing his utmost to remain as himself, (try to) avoid getting unwanted attention from unsavory individuals, and (attempt to) live his life the way he had always wanted to in his first life. ... ... ... Author's note: MC came from FF15 universe, post-events, and transferred into an alternate world because of the astrals' intervention. MC is a responsible person. MC has a Neutral-Lawful-Good alignment (...most of the time). This story is mostly styled after the visual novels of the Fate series. The contents are detailed and lengthy. If you are into that type of novel, you are welcome to give this story a try. Also, if you have some time, please leave a comment (or a review) of what you think about the story so far. Feedback is always important to a writer because it can help us improve our writing skills and create good stories for you readers to enjoy! :D Warning: MC is going to be OP. Character(s) death. Lengthy chapters. Profanities. The story mostly follows the plot of Fate/Extra, but will have elements from other animes as well. There will be some graphic content that might offend a number of people too. So, if you don't like that, or you are someone easily offended by violent content, please kindly refrain yourself from reading this story and find another that suits your taste. Thank you for your time! :)

Regius_Sanguis · Anime & Comics