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Rude, Yet Still Owns The CEO's Heart

"Leo, don't you love me again?" "I don't, so stop." Leo said, stealing glances at the woman in the driver seat, who doesn't seem to care about the fact that another woman was with him. He was stunned when the woman beside him took advantage of his distraction and sealed his lips with her own. "Don't you miss this?" She asked. "Get out!" He screamed. After getting rid of his ex that kept pestering him, he swallowed hard before, "I'm sorry you had to see that." He said. "What's my business with that?" She fired back. ......... "You know I can't be killed by humans, except you right?" She asked. "I know." "Then what are you doing here? What if this was a trap?" She felt so pissed right now and couldn't get the feeling of his racing heart off her mind. Could it be that he has been in love with her, all these while? She wasn't ready to face the truth and seeing the determination in his eyes before opening his mouth to talk, "let's just leave." She said. She couldn't face his response. ......... "You know, I just feel like kissing you right now." She said and his eyes went huge. Did he hear right? The woman that hated him so much and didn't bother hiding it, actually said that? "Well... umm." He was still searching for a reply, because he refused to believe this is real, but Clara wasn't asking for permission. She just let him know what she felt like doing. She limited the space between their lips to nothing and took his lower one in between her lips, while his lashes fluttered continuously. "Don't let that woman touch you again. I don't like it!" She declared, claiming her man. join the server link: https://discord.gg/Q7tY3F8

may1st · Fantasy Romance


Lu Moye The Owner of Lu Jia In Country C. Lu Jia is the first powerful family that exist since ancient and world war. All military, economist and development of C People are in the Lu Jia control. Nobody have ever see of the owner of Lu Jia but some of said, Lu Moye, he's a definition of perfect. Got handsome face, intelligent of world class, build body and don't forget that he's damn rich since he is the owner of Lu Jia. So currently, famous woman and rich girls always try to reach him but they couldn't since Lu Moye never show his face to publicity. Until on that night, he caught the coldest girl hand. Ru Fei Fei She is a writer of romance book start from her eighteen years old but never have any relationship and got a zero beliefs in love. She always shut herself from men and she always believe that she will die as a virgin. Her published book always on the top of world ranking and two of her book had been adapted into a valentine movie but no one know that she is the writer of the top book because she used her pen name since she start become a writer. Plus she hate being recognize and never want any public attention in her life. She write because she love doing it and not for the fame. So only her family, and her editor know her real status as always stay low profile,lead an seclusion life. On her 23rd birthday, she decided to get drunk until she's wasted. But he next day, she ended up someone's bed meaning that she lost her V card unconsciously. She didn't cry or regret it, she just ignored it because there's no use of crying since it's only a one night stand. Being the cold heart of herself, she just left without caring who she slept with or how did it happen or why did she even there. Before she can leave without any trace, the man who she slept with caught her right before she enters the lift. So Lu first lady has being decide from that moment.

F3n3 · Contemporary Romance
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