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I just got reincarnated as a werewolf vampire hybrid In another world

Drake was an ordinary person who had a below average life the only things what stranded out about him was his hair which was as white as snow. The other thing what stood out about him was his eyes had heterochromia were his left eye was a winter blue and his right eye was emerald green he was orphaned at a young age because of his eye colour one day walking back from school to the orphanage he saw a little girl crossing the road and forgot to look and a truck was heading straight for the girl Drake couldn’t watch a girl get hit by a truck so he pushed her out of the path of the truck and he got killed instead little did he know the girl was a supreme goddess and offers to revive him and he could wish for any 4 things

GhostWolf · Martial Arts

Truck-kun's Cultivating Bonanza

So once upon a time a man was walking down a road when suddenly Truck-kun appeared and ran over him resulting in viscous liquid staining the ground alongside broken parts that littered the ground in utter carnage. The Typical Reincarnation tale with a twist.

Idle_Daoist_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Puppet Maister


Therapist · Fantasy
Not enough ratings