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The Revenge Of A System: Entertainment Queen

"Hnnng Ugh Hmmm." Zhang Wei let out as he tried his hardest. "Ouch! I told you it won't fit." Si Wan pouted,"You need to work harder." "If i can get it through, I'm sure these colored smoke bomb would ruin all the dresses "You didn't need to help me with these Zhang Wei. Don't get caught up in my plans. I can always sponsor you abroad, a lifelong Vacation no?" "I'm here now, so you are stuck with me." "Marry me Si Wan." "En?" INTERNET #211th Proposal Log She finally accepted but she wants some black velvet Tamarinds, where can I find those? Dm me if you have it I'd buy any quantity. @seeker what's wrong with this psycho today? What are Tamarinds? @gettingdate Yay she fully accepted. How many years has it been. @ZhangWei Do you guys have love potions too? @istansungjinwoo He has finally lost it guys. +++ Si Wan has made a lot of mistakes in her past life, signing off the companies share to the enemy, causing her father's death even making her family homeless in quick succession following one innocent night. She had been given the opportunity to work as a system and successfully help individuals from different parallel universes achieve their goals, to get a chance to correct her wrong doings in her own reality. "It is now time to return and take back all that had been taken from me." She smiled her eyes holding deep secrets. "This time I will make no mistakes and will crush anyone who stands in my way!" ========== Spirity2021 Novel Entry Under Transmigration and First Love theme. *Strong Willed and absolutely ruthless Fl *A protagonist that values their family. *Interstellar Romance *Top Tier System mission scenes. *Well deserved Face slapping scenes *A protagonist that doesn't only cares about Revenge. *Collab with my other book "The Villainess Justice System." search that up on popink app. *Coping with bad mental health. *Stella Tier drama and worthwhile slowburns. Follow me here on Webnovel for mass updates! I need all the support I can get in this competition. Copyright @The Alpha Writer All rights reserved. No part of any publication of this page may be reproduced, distributed or in any form by any means including photocopying, recording, writing or other electronic, mechanical or manual methods,without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain non commercial uses embodied by copyright law. All book published by this page is a work of fiction Names, characters ,places, events and incidents are either products of the authors imagination or are fictional.Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead are purely coincidental. Disclaimer: The art used on the cover doesn't belong to me. If you are the owner you can intact me on Instagram @thealpha_writer

TheAlphaWriter ยท Contemporary Romance
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