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Dream is kicked out and told to get his own house. He starts to get more anxiety from living alone and the pesky voice in his head, and breaks down. George comes to help but is pushed away. Dream feels there is nothing more in life but George changes that for him.TRIGGER SUBJECTS: This has some self-harm, homophobia, panic attacks, and swearing. just to let those who don't want to see it know. I do put warnings at either the start of the chapter or when it's about to happen. Also, this isn't the real Clay and George, its just kinda like an alt-universe. I AM WRITING FROM THEIR P E R S O N A S AND THEIR C H A R A C T E R S. I got the idea of some parts from other dnf stories and some parts are actually real, like Minecraft-event parts. I will try to get a chapter done at least every few days, but if I haven't, It's probably school and I have work to do. Or if I just have writer's block. this is from wattpad, it is better to read over there but you can read here :)

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