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The Sacred Goddess: Secret Love

The Sacred Goddess from the Phoenix clan ~ By drinking the Mermaid Queen’s Blood, she become a merman, thus she didn’t know of her true identity and gender. The Heavenly King from the Dragon clan ~ Save by the sacred goddess, become blood brothers and together they embarked on a journey... More than friendship... Secret Love...

Minom · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Song of the Fox and the Phoenix

As the last of the nine-tailed fox yao bloodline, Lan Ying was hated by humans and heavenly immortals alike. To make matters worse, he possessed the heavenly pearl of water, one of the three heavenly pearls. He had always managed to defeat the celestial forces that came seeking a fight with him . . . until he met his match in the second young master of the revered phoenix clan, Feng Han. The phoenix, who possesses heavenly pearl of fire, and is a beloved member of the celestial immortals, should be Lan Ying's sworn enemy, but he isn't. In fact, he . . . protects him? Defying every law of Lan Ying's logic, Feng Han protects him from the celestial immortals who want him dead for his heavenly water pearl. As they grow closer and closer, so does the eighth heavenly tribulation - the tribulation which threatens to destroy the world for good. As the holders of two of the three heavenly pearls, Feng Han and Lan Ying have to find the last pearl and save the world, or risk losing it all.

shuanghua · Fantasy
Not enough ratings