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Can a dragon love a fox?

It's been five years after the war between all tribe's and peace has been restored. During the war, the crown princess of the dragon tribe made a promise to the current King of the fox tribe and it is now time for her to adhere to it She leaves the safe south On the way north, to rebuild her life there Kaida Why did i make that promise? was it because of the war? now i'm on my way to marry the crown prince of the fox tribe. They say he is a cold blooded prince and very strong. Huli Why did my father make this promise? and with a woman of the dragon tribe! she wasn't even strong engouh to keep the dragons. i dont want to marry a weak woman! i do not own the rights to coverpic. i saw it on google.

MevrouwKersJ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

A Lost Shadow

Shadow Wielders - a super-human that can control their shadows. Mortals believe shadows are only created when light is blocked. However, there are some gifted people who can control their shadows. There is one particular Wielder whose shadow is missing. It's like she cannot be reflected by light. She is convicted with a crime that leads her to be desperate for escape. A bunch of students saved her, believing she's someone she doesn't know of. They brought her to an elite school, and there she hides. While she hides, she realize she has to find out who she is, and why she has no shadow. Yet the truth she will have to face is something she hasn't been able to anticipate. Will she continue to unravel the truth or will she save herself while subjecting the others into a dark abyss?

Walampake · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings