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Star Wars: Shattered Dreams and Fellow Fiends...

The Motto I live by goes like this, *Cough Cough* ‘Our glorious author cleared his throat’ “When you fail without trying, you should feel ashamed, but if you fail while persevering and never giving up until your last hypothetical dying breath.. You'll succeed." And this is a Fan-fiction about a mans life, death, rebirth and a whole lot of bullshit. This story will be set during the Infinite Empires rein, 27000 to 35000 years before The Battle Of Yavin and I’ll try to work in a few Legends but will mainly be implementing my own ideas. Oh.. Almost forgot, if you have something you'd like my spectacular self to edit within the Fan-Fic, contact me at ImAShatteredSoul@gmail.com. Thank you for reading this?

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