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The Price of Yesterday

PATIENT NAME: Levin Oscar Pervaiz DIAGNOSIS: Dissociative Personality Disorder, known as Multiple Personality Disorder wherein, "'I' is the mask of their personas." ******** Adira Adya Yang grew up in comfort. Whatever she laid her eyes on, she'll do whatever it takes to possess and monopolize it. Until she met him. A man who have a rough personality and his aura screamed in supremacy. At first, Adira felt hate towards him because of his rogue personality. Everybody likes her and he is the only person who treat her differently. Everything become a mess after she fell in love with him. A love that leads to selfishness. A love that can wound and open the scars of the past. Can Adira redeem herself from the price of tomorrow? ******* Excerpt: "I'm warning you. If you see him, do everything to disappear from his sight, Adira," Levin said with seriousness in his voice. Adira frowned. She obviously knew who that person is, because that is the man she love the most. "Mind your own business, Levin. Stop meddling with my and your brother's affairs." Her words were like an acid spilling to Levin's heart. "

Miria_Felicity ยท Teen
Not enough ratings