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The Misadventure of Alexander Hughes

Life went twist and turn as Alexander Hughes, a 20 year old college student woke up in an unusual setting. Not later than he realized he is in the book that a local antique owner shop gave him for free. Little did he know that the more he encountered characters that involves in horrifying events and chilling chapters, the more it is endless. Sooner, a character from a book told him that reading the book was a mistake. Could Alexander find his way out of the book or would he be eternally stuck between the pages that filled with so much suspense? Was it a dream or was he played under the hands of someone he didn’t expect to? This story contains extreme language, bit of violence , gore and such that some readers mind find it disturbing. Read at your own risk. the photo used in the cover is not mine credits to the owner/artist

meixiaolian · Horror&Thriller

Accidentally trapped in Sweet Wonderland

Imagining yourself as one of the heroine in romance books you’ve read is what Shan Lee—a hopeless romantic girl could relate to. Having a boyfriend seemed to be impossible after the rejections she received from her own list of crushes. Upon reading on a romance book that her aunt sent as a gift, she found herself in unusual setting. She encountered different type of men and different type of sweet occurrences, it felt real as if she isn’t dreaming—to her at least. Was it all a dream or would it lead her to find love? the photo used in the cover is not mine credits to the owner/artist

meixiaolian · Teen