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Trapped in a another world

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Exlia: Beyond the Horizon

Trapped in a fantasy game like no other, Mille must level up and reach the higher floors to find the door that could take her back to reality. With thousands of others having the same goal in mind, Millie soon learns that it isn't only the monsters of the game that she has to worry about, but player killers as well. In the game, she meets others that have the same goal in mind, including a gold digger; a player killer; and a shop owner. But the path is long and dangerous for these four, and many mistakes happen. With days filled with quests, unanswered questions, and strange rumors, Millie begins to wonder if they will ever break free. She never thought she would see him again, but as the end grows closer, Millie begins to see the hidden messages in the game. Now she must decide between reality or saving her brother.

Si0ween · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings

The unexpected autumn

the moon is my sun the night is my day and you are my love of life

Nusaibah_Radiat_ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings