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Road to Laze Around

The 26-year-old Olivia was a poor lady who did everything to survive. Every day, she wished to become rich or to have the power to control people before she retired and led a slacker life. Her life took a turn after an overdose of sleeping pills and transmigrated into her old favorite novel. Became Elizebeth; the ducal family's youngest child, she expected to lead a good life and planned to leech off on her three brothers for her entire life. She was happy until she dreamt about the future. Fallen kingdom and her miserable future. It happened again. Peace was never an option. Well, it seemed she had to step up for this one as well. Saving the kingdom and fighting for her freedom. Let’s just say she had a prior experience from her previous life. *wink.

shaeshang · Fantasy Romance

One Sword Binds Your Heart

Walking the earth with a sword in hand Love and hate freely without a plan Stray into the red dust and grievances rise Emotions become the hero’s demise A bloodstained dress is the emperor’s dream The battlefield is not what it seems One sword may bind or break the heart Next life we’ll stay forever apart ----- When a twist of fate causes high school junior Wang Jingyuan to transmigrate into an alternate universe—one where Wuxia and palace struggles play out in real life—she promptly finds herself deeply entangled in power schemes, war, and heartbreak. Left with only her wits, modern knowledge, and all the dramas she’s ever watched, she must navigate this new world and become the smart and strong protagonist of her own story—without losing herself. As the worlds collide and fates intertwine, will Wang Jingyuan find her happily ever after, or will reality shatter every beautiful daydream? ----- Note: This is an ORIGINAL story, not a translation! All rights reserved. Warning: There will be minor cursing in the story.

SkyEmpress · Historical Romance

I Only Want The Second Male Lead

Song Ying died from heart attack and her soul transmigrated into the last novel she had read called ' The CEO's Sweet Little Wife'. She became the villainess, Bai Xiu Ying who was Male Protagonist's childhood friend. She was head over heels in love with him and became a thron between MP and FP love journey. As a villainess, she tried to hurt Female Protagonist time after time and finally died in the hand of Male Protagonist. After reading the book Song Ying had a huge crush on the Second Male Lead and cried alot when he died in the end. After waking up as Bai Xiu Ying, the transmigrated Song Ying vowed she would never let herself and the Second Male Lead die as the original plot. " Whoever wants that stone-cold Male Lead can take him away! I only want the second male lead!" ................ Hello, this is a story of the Villainess and the second male lead love journey. There will be Funny, Strong and Confident Female Villainess Vs Cute, Protective & love-struck Second Male Lead. This is my ORIGINAL BOOK and not a translation. This is my first time writing a book and english is my second language. So if there are any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, please forgive me. Warning *there will be some smut scenes *

AZHay · Fantasy Romance

The Stunning Princess is a Poison Genius

Ever since she transmigrated, she was blessed with an inbuilt anti-poison detector. Beep beep – What? Her father’s concubine was evil and her half-sister was vicious? Beep beep – Ah! She was in an arranged marriage and her husband did not love her? Who cared? She could kill those evil creatures instantly with her high intelligence. Her unparalleled beauty attracted countless suitors and her popularity topped the charts. No one was immune, even the emperors and princes were all captivated by her…

Floral_Myst · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

His Royal Consort From Another World

"Take responsibility for catching my attention and stealing my heart." A black-bellied shameless prince proclaimed indifferently. "Sure, I will find the best lady out there to be your consort." Xixi snorted. 'Want to get a researcher falling for you, with that lame pick up line?heh, dream on!' _________________ Xixi:- "What do you think you are doing?" Ziran:- "Just doting on my future wifey!" _____________________ "I miss my home." She said. He said, "I am your home." The cover isn't mine , I found it on Pinterest, if you are the owner of the art please message me personally and I will immediately take it down.

Light_Breeze · Fantasy Romance

The Assassin Princess

A journey of a transmigrated assassin from 21st century to a place of history. An Xuilan who was perfect in all the way hates how she died. it wasn't perfect in the least causing her to feel disdain towards her death. Grew up with two wolves taking care of her, animals listening to her, she had no idea of her special power until one day a fairy called her spirit to a place called Gentle Wind pagoda that weirdly resides in her brain. She has to level up to complete quests after quest to achieve what she was meant to achieve and therefore she shall start now. Opening a restaurant? CHECK! Making money? CHECK! Having a... husband? CHEC—WAIT WHAT?! From a single thirteen year girl with a thirty one years old soul, she suddenly became wife of some prince yang who loves her deeply from the moment he saw her? WHAT THE HELL??! "Prince, princess ran away to the restaurant!" A certain man holding deeds of restaurant "Just within my reach. HAHAHA!" Join the journey of a quirky assassin leveling up to become the world's top cultivator and princess to her prince. A certain protagonist holds up her knife and says "Join me or else..." Also on inkitt by 2 chapter ahead. http://inkitt.app.link/RA_a_sweet_present

a_sweet_present · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Revenge in her second life

Watch how Emily avenges herself and her close ones in her second life. Being called a heartless person when she used to be a crybaby in her old life is something she hadn't expected. What is this 'gift' she receives? And who exactly is this goddess?

Manisha_Gupta_7617 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Reborn to get pregnant and die: Tips on setting up the Husband with EX

I was a male, but now I am a female, who understands the pain of wearing chest contraptions. Not only that, I was transmigrated into a novel where I am supposed to get pregnant and die. I am the ultimate cannon-fodder! So I came up with the plan to follow the script and directly set my douchband (Husband) with the MC and let them bang each other and live happily ever after. The only problem? The MC fell for me instead... What the heck is wrong with this world? You can't go and change your sexual orientation like that. But the weirdest of all is that my douchband too, isn't bothered about the MC at all.

Cherry_Boylove · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Gotta kill to level up!

It might be bad but it’s an original. Please keep in mind that this is my first work so it might not be as good as the works of other authors. I’m a NEWBIE and I would appreciate it if you leave less harmful comments. Mmh not really a synopsis but that’s ok. Also some sentences may appear really awkward so tell me if I need to change it or do some sort of magic on ‘em. Also I spell really good like....just look at this “synopsis”:) thank you for reading this unnecessary shizz:)

Majesty_pristine14 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Being a Bystander is the Best

Protagonist? Supporting character? Love interest? Cannon Fodder? Villain? No thanks. I would like to choose the bystander option please, so I only have to watch the drama while drinking tea and eating popcorn. What!? There's no bystander option? My stats are too high to be a bystander? What is with this broken system! I refuse to choose any of these roles. *Quickly grabs tea and snacks to escape* World Management Team: "............." Role Assignment Team: "..........." Yu Qian: "........." Yu Qian: "What the f*ck did you drag me into?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xue Yi had always been a lover of gossip and drama. Always seen at the side of a scene with her lemon tea and snacks watching intently at other people. She spends most of her time finding information on other people for entertainment, being a bystander is her best pastime. However, due to a mishap where she accidently acquired top-secret information on other foreign countries, she got killed and that was the end to her short twenty years of entertainment filled life. After she died, Xue Yi arrived at the Afterlife HR where they would assign roles for the souls that had died and send them on to their next life in another world to live. Xue Yi was determined to choose the bystander option, however she was too OP!? Nope, she will never become the main characters no matter what. Let's just steal the World Traveling Machine and run. Yu Qian: "Who is this creature that just appeared out of nowhere?" Xue Yi: "Hello fellow mob character. I am Xue Yi a bystander and would like to know where the main characters are?" Yu Qian: "???" Xue Yi: \(^ o ^)/ Yu Qian: (*ಠ_ಠ;) Xiao Ji: ╥ ﹏ ╥

xxAlicexxAli · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings