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After Transmigratted I Cross-dressed As A Beautiful Women

Andrea a young boy living a highschool life passed out due to the presser of exams. Got transmigratted into a young master living the life of the only miss andreya of the Rodriguez family. Liam morales the eldest prince of Affrite is cold and indifferent to others except his family and the young miss andreya as they are childhood friends. On the princess selection for the eldest prince as the queen was selecting her niece as the princess a sound came “young miss wake up what happened to you “ hearing that everyone turned to miss rodriguez as she was found fainted . Eldest prince got up from his position ignoring his mother calls and started walking towards the fainted miss and directly carried her saying “ andreya the young miss of rodriguez is the only person going to be my wife as she is pregenent with my child” leaving the shocked crowd he left carrying the girl “Stop faking it i know you are ok comon “ the girl openend her eyes “thankgod i succeded and how come i am pregenent now you have to marry me” the girl winked HEY GUYS IT`S MY FIRST NOVEL SO HOPE TO GET YOUR SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK THANKYOU UPDATING- REGULARLY

Subxya · LGBT+
Not enough ratings