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Warlord's spoiled captive's cute sister

Okay, her story is a bit complicated...um, where should we start? Well, Rong Li Lian was a normal girl in the 21st century, or at least, was. And even though she was somewhat interested in historical bl, and some transmigration novels, never had she ever, thought of being in one! Not in her wildest daydreams! Okay, maybe there were a few times where she wondered how it would be like, but that was it! She wasn't serious! No matter how much she hated school and wished she was in the olden times where girls weren't required to study this hard. There! I said it! How come she isn't even part of the story? Only mentioned in a flash back? And why is the plot progressing differently from how she remembers? Is she still on the novel she remembers? Anyway, this story isn't even about her, so it should be fine if she acted out of script a little right?

nawaru_luu ยท Historical Romance
Not enough ratings