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Heaven’s Play*Things (BL)

A life time of tragedy - being in love with someone he can never tell, captured and tortured by Shaanix Demons, cursed with the Blood Red Moon Curse that prophecies' that it will be him that will bring mayhem and destruction in his wake, and a transmigration gender curse that involuntary switches his gender from male to female - pushes the happy go-lucky, wine drinking, da ma pipe smoking Bai Cheng Ying to live for revenge. However, after taking his revenge tragedy continues to plague Bai Cheng Ying as he finds out that he, the cultivation society and his friends are used as pawns in a board game being played by the gods Heavenly Emperor and his brother Nether Realm Emperor, and both gods are willing to sacrifice every pawn on the board to win.

Daoist956945 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings