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The Purple Witch

Simon is known as the best adventurer in his town thanks to his past feats and amazing solo quests. But he also happens to be transphobic. One night he accidentally falls under the effect of a MTF gender reassignment potion forcing himself to look for ingredients to a reversal potion. However he realizes something along the way. He no longer hates his body and people using feminine pronouns makes him oddly happy. Maybe "he" isn't a boy like he always thought. Maybe she's a part of the community she's always hated. And if she is, is that really okay? Everything she's learned is fighting her and telling her she's wrong, but she doesn't have much time to figure herself out and realize who she is because her new friends are off to fight the purple witch, aka the Devil's Daughter. Note: I'm a trans girl and this is pro-lgbt. Please note, this is only a draft. I post my drafts on this but not the completed stories I make. I publish those legitimately to the world in both digital and physical copies.

Dogdigmine ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings