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Uniting The World With My Headphones

"If I am given the chance, I want to live in a peaceful, quiet world where no troubles are going to stress me out." A family's quarrel, being forced to quit the job from a company that's gone bankrupt, or working hard to get good grades at school. Just having personal issues is stressful enough for an individual. What if problems other people have are also getting into you? Or the world issues kept being brought up wherever you go? Of course, you'd want to escape from this problematic reality, from this world with nothing but issues left and right. Lyrica Ley Rael wanted just that. But, such a thing don't happen in reality. At least that's what she thought. Until one day, due to an unfortunate event, Lyrica finds herself in the face of danger. And when it felt like her life's about to come to an end, a voice offered Lyrica a chance to have her wish granted. Lyrica was given the chance to start a peaceful and quiet life in a world called Alteria. But in exchange, she has to unite the people of Alteria against an imminent danger that threatens them and make Alteria her ideal world herself.

OwariDa ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings