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Black And Silver

Black And Silver

"I want us to be like this forever." He said. "What if you change your mind later?" "I would never." He said immediately, sitting up. "What if I do." She replied. "You would never want that too." "How can you be so sure?" She asked. "Bela, even if the world falls apart, I'll still be sure about you." There was an emptiness in his eyes that she had never seen before. He moved closer to her. She could feel the sweetness of his breath and the rose like smell of his skin. He kissed her gently and embraced her. * Bela has lived a 'normal' life for 17 years. Yes, there was a lot of drama, but things have been as she wished them to be. But when an unexpected tragedy occurs, her life is turned upside down. She discovers truths she was unaware of. She learns answers to the questions which have troubled her for almost forever. Above all, she finds the truth behind her existence, behind the powers she withholds. But this power comes at a cost...

riwaaayat · Fantasy Romance
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