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"The son of prophecy will bring doom to us, so, kill him, Elder. Do not hesitate!" ** I was sent to her. An answer to her prayer. I dared the heavens for her sake And i was hunted, Like a demon from the bottomless I was chained, Like Lucifer. Forbidden like the devils with him. The heavens took her breath to punish me. But i am resilient. My love for her is greater than the heavens itself. And i will Make the heavens burn I will trail the recesses of darkness, Till i get stronger. Strong enough to bring her back. Strong enough to destroy the heavens I will take revenge and i will spare No ONE I am SUNDAY and MY WORD IS FINAL! ________________ Other Books by Author: Ascenders: Rising From Zero (Fantasy: An interrelated novel with this happening in parallel space) Poisedon's Kiss (Contemporary Romance) Fight or Flight: Monster Society- Bk 1(SciFi; Urban) ________________ Cover Image is Google Sourced. Please Rate, Share and Vote. Encourages me much. _______________

sir_impeccable ยท Fantasy