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My lover is my enemy.

Ying Yue meets her future wife (Chán Juān) in the middle of a war with different roles to play and different sides to support but their fate of wheels starts moving in unison and a red string is made. Will their love have blossomed into an innocent white lotus or will it turn red and black with all the blood and sacrifices they made along the road? - (MC) Ying Yue (映月 - means ‘reflection of the moon’) meets (FL) Chán Juān (婵娟 - means ‘a beautiful woman and the moon').

Kuh_Sian · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

3 months

Rozale, has no one to rely on and no one to go to. As he faces difficulties, he finally finds light. Will it be a happy or tragic ending? Trigger warning: Sensitive topics Updates hopefully 2 times per week.

Singer_Rozie · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Nostalgic Memories

“Life, half is memory, half is to continue.” Life, truly’s full of memories. Laughters, happiness, excitement, sadness, betrayals... they’re all a part of our memories, but what if you suddenly lose them? Would your life still continue? This novel is about a girl named Carson who got caught up in an accident when she was 17 years old. She had a good life, her family was wealthy and was very known. Not until the day her fate twisted because of a certain person. Everything about her changed, so is her surroundings. She was asked to forget about her past, but will she? Destiny is a tricky one, that she can say. Would destiny allow her to remember her past? Or will she just live a new life with new memories? This is a journey of pain, anger, and unexpected betrayals. This is the journey of Carson towards the truth of everything by meeting new people without knowing they are related to her past, and by meeting these people, she would soon realize that people are more complicated and unpredictable than she thought.

requiemforlove · Teen
Not enough ratings