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Don't fall for The Void

*Through the looks it may be a typical love story,but trust me it's not.* Alicia(The female lead),as an obedient teenager only goes to school and the library around the corner of the Metropolitan city,Vanity.A city dazzling with city lights and known as the safe haven. It all changed when she came across a boy,handsome young boy with a bright smile and dazzling eyes,staring back at her.He was mesmerising.Just a look and it would sweep girls off the floor,but he waved at her,and her heart skipped a beat. Little did she know his appearance is just a façade,he comes from a universe much darker than the night sky .His smile shined brightly,covering the void in his eyes.He knows her heart skipped a beat.In fact he wanted her heart to stop beating..but there is more than just one that wants to stop her heart from beating at all. The gruesome monster ,Liam(male lead)and a delicate human,Alicia(female lead),will they be compatible or will their relationship burst into flames?

Flynn_JJ · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings