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Tower of Wishes - A Japanese-style Fantasy Light Novel

Legends tell of a tower located at the peak of a mountain. A tower where each floor is a world of its own filled with dangerous creatures known as yokai. Those who dare scale the floors and reach the top will receive a divine gift from the Goddess. A wish of their desire. Seeking this wish are the Climbers, the many people who have climbed simply to be slain by the dangers that await in the fifteen floors. But some persisted in their journey to acquire their deepest desires. Haku Nozomu is one of those people. Recently graduated as a climber, he traverses the tower along with his teammates; Momoka and Uni. While their reasons and fighting style are different from one another, they share a great passion to reach the top by all means necessary. No matter how hard the trials they have to face, they will find a way to the top and get their wish. Thus people tell of the legend of the Tower of Wishes. This is an original work written by Matropik and illustrated by Nekochyma. All artwork belongs to her, please do not repost without proper credit.

bluematropik ยท Fantasy
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