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Knights Rise

A noble family's line continues on until there is no male heir set to inherit. On the Planet Cundus. The life of Amondo Malla, a successful tourney knights is turned upside down upon the death of his half brother Leonid, the Baron of Membe. He must return home and try to salvage the mess his brother left behind. Eugene Haas, a childhood rival who happens to be his second cousin has inherited the neighbouring Barony of Dagleana and set his sight on Membe. Before Leonid died Eugene took two fifths of the barony away from him and now Amondo must prevent him from taking the rest.

Seb_Falc · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

This God is Completely Dependent

In the magical world of Huwle, the being that rules supreme over all life is declared to be God. Once even few millennium, a series of mandatory trials for the most powerful mages in the world is held in order to determine who among them is best suited to become the next God. This is the one-thousandth time this process has been initiated, and the current God is almost positive he knows which individual will succeed him. Over the three millennium he has reigned, there was only one that he has ever shown as much promise as this. However, this individual did have a significant problem that could not be over looked. Although he was currently considered to have the strongest magic in the world, he was not the world's best mage. The reason being: he is totally unable to make decisions on his own. -------------------------------------------------- This is my first story on Webnovel, so I hope you all enjoy it. My goal is to publish at least one chapter every day. I look forwards to your feedback.

Tziporah · Fantasy
Not enough ratings