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Touring with One Direction

(Fanfic of Harry Styles. 1D included) DISCLAIMER: I didn't focus on the timing and what not, so if I add something dumb or something that just doesn't make sense, I'm very sorry, don't be mad. Some chapters are short and others are probably longer. Sorry about that and also, I made up a name for my account. so in the story, my twitter, instagram and snapchat account will be @Victoria_V (It's only for the story, it's not my actual account).. also, this is my first book to ever publish so I'm very nervous to see how many people read it, and what they think of it. Obviously, I'm not a professional writer so please don't make a big deal out of a spelling mistake or something. I have literally re read this book so many times to make sure it doesn't have anything wrong with it. Anyway, enjoy the book :) Warning! This book contains mature content, including explicit and suggestive language, sexual themes, drug use, addiction, and overall mature themes throughout the entire book. Overview: Victoria, who is 17 years old, has a father who works as a technician in the music industry. Victoria is so used to being dragged on tour with other bands. One day, her father introduces a new adventure. Romance, drama, friendship, fights, and more. EVERY CHAPTER IS A SONG NAME

victoriav9032 ยท Teen
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