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Intruding Touch Me Not

Manuela Carie Flores is a well-known Filipina supermodel but she is also the most bashed because people thought that she's brainless Her manager decide that she must be back to school so that her bashers will leave her alone. She's back at 9th grade of high school. At the last quarter of her school year, their teacher assigned them to read the book of Noli Me Tangere and they must do their own version of it, they must do a movie. While she is reading the book of Noli Me Tangere, her tears flow like a river. She can't held back her tears. Little did she know that the book of Noli Me Tangere is an open book and while she was crying, she enters the book and now she has the mission given by the librarian... SHE MUST CHANGE THE ENDING OF NOLI ME TANGERE FROM TRAGIC INTO A HAPPY ENDING ONE

MissMaica ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings