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The Devil’s Pet

"Do you wanna hang out after school?" "Im sorry I can't, my boyfriend said he needed me after school" "No offense but uh, your boyfriend is an asshole.." ----- Lmao hi :D i've been inspired to write again! after dying for a bit im back. A friend of mine gave me some inspiration and this story is (hopefully) gonna be emotional and a little spicy. Ill have a link to a song playlist you can listen to that I think fits well with the story and plus theyre good songs. This is bxb so if you have a problem with that then just don't read. I hope you enjoy!

wicwitch · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Mommy’s Little Virgin

A young 14 year old player finds love in a very experienced 17 year old whom is taken by one of his friends from grade school.

Ange_Angelica · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Forever Endless

[Chase #1] When you feel love for the first time, you'll never know what to do. There wasn't the word 'right' neither the word 'wrong'. You would just scream between pillows and cry on someone's shoulder because you felt it. For the very first time. And for the very first time Catty fell in love, she never knew what she was doing. She thought it was right to tell a guy her true feelings. She thought he needed to know. She thought that maybe there'll be a chance. Because in love, you'd always do what you think is right. You'll never know what's wrong until you moved on. But maybe chasing the guy who was indeed mysterious, was endless. Youth was an endless circle, and so was he. *** Not your typical teen-romance story. Start: 01/21/19 End: **/**/** if you want to read more chapter on this story just visit me on wattpad: here's my username:: mieseeya and here's the link:: https://my.w.tt/6HP5OqZsA2

mieseeya · Fantasy
Not enough ratings