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It Will Be Okay (Analogical(Sanders Sides))

WARNING: BAD WRITING FROM A 14-YEAR-OLD!!! It all started when Virgil announced his name, Logan for some reason felt a warm feeling in his chest, he couldn't understand why he was "feeling" like this, but he knew that it wasn't normal for him. He could let his emotions out, he had to hide them, he was already hated by Roman and Patton because he was a 'robot', but he isn't he never was. He just had to form to what they thought of him. Logan had been thinking about becoming something else, one of the others, the 'dark sides' as Roman called them. And this was the think that pushed him over the edge. THE ONLY PART OF THE COVER THAT IS MINE IS THE TEXT!!! THE DESIGN IS FROM; MayaTL from DeviantArt

Britney_Sheldon ยท Celebrities & Real People
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