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~Protection For A Baby~//Todoroki x OC

When Todoroki and Ren have to deal with a tragic situation involving Ren's sister, her abusive boyfriend, and the protection of their baby, Is there any way for them to be safe? Or for all of them to make it out alive? ( This Au thing is aimed for the future, so Todoroki and Ren are Seventeen, they also don't live in the dorms. Another thing is, Enji, (Endeavor) apologized and made amends with Rei, so there will be some scenes involving them as well.) Warning! This mentions of abuse, alcohol and other types of harm towards the characters that can be triggering to some viewers, so I advise you to proceed with caution... Characters apart from Ren and other Oc's are not mine. They are rightfully owned by Kōhei Horikoshi. The Fan-Art as the cover is not mine. I found it on google, so credit to whoever made it (really good art work!). Hope you enjoy this story.

AlbinoKoala · Teen
Not enough ratings