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Vampire Infection

In the Ancient Era a Vampire once protected his people; mortals and immortals alike from the horrors of the continent behind the closed walls of an Empire... When reality became myths his deeds were brushed off as legends and he was deemed 'crazy' by modern society for calling himself a Vampire. But when the Races of the Ancient Era begin to resurface on the world the myths are proven to be more than just that. When 'Gods and Devils' exist, in a world where humans constantly hunting down other races to improve their social-status how can a Vampire with grand ideals unite the world of 'monsters' to prevent their total extinction... ... 1 Chapter per day (Random mass releases of 3+ Chapters at times, depending on how much time I have to write that day.) Thanks for reading, please leave a review or comment if you're enjoying/have any criticism, I'm open to any improvements.

HeliosSun · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Rebirth: Conquering The Universe

In the Heaven Spirit World, cultivation brought endless wars across the world, watch as the previously ordinary Ye Tianyou went on a journey toward the highest heavens.

TianQuan · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings