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In My Hero Academia with Madara Uchiha’s Powers(Dropped and rewriting)

Our MC was never given an actual name but he went by Alpha, he was born on Earth and raised to be an assassin. He was one day given a mission to take out a family known to be selling national secrets. During the mission, Alpha had allowed some women who were held captive there live. He already knew that what he did was against the rules and had already accepted his fate. When he got back to superior he reported what happened, he was punished by getting killed for not following orders. His last thoughts were "At least I got the chance to finish 'Naruto' and 'My Hero Academia' before I died. ________________________________________________________________ This is my first series so please don't complain if it's not to your liking. I would gladly accept helpful criticism to help me improve the writing quality.

_Azrael_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings