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Sixth Sense

Ghost, spirit, demon, whatever you called them I can see them clearly when normal peoples can't see. It's already hard enough to deal with "normal" ghost, now I got dragged into this mess. _______________________________ "Wha-what is the meaning of this? All this time you're the mastermind?!" _______________________________ "Hah... Why am I still alive Nico?" _______________________________ "Yuu! Stop harming yourself! Everything is over right? What should I do to make you stop?" _______________________________ "He may already heal but not his mental and emotions, after what he has gone through, he might try to kill himself." _______________________________ "Ah~ who would think that two kids are exorcist and they're on high staged. This definitely be interesting~ I wonder which one of them will find out about me?" An eerie laughter fill the air as if agreeing the person statement.

Kylerien ยท Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings