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Headhunter's Hit List

A high school social outcast named Luke was scrolling through his TikTok when he discovered a mysterious app called "Head4$". As the name suggests, it was a game of blood, crime, and brutal murder, in trade for cash. First he thought it was a prank. Then he thought it was a video game. Although curiosity provoked him to download the app, for a few days, Luke ignored it and thought it wasn’t anything worth his attention. But one day, Luke received a message that threatened him to set foot onto an irreversible path of criminalhood, shielded from legal responsibilities... When Luke was given the ability to assassinate or hire assassins to kill anyone, it was no longer a decision limited by law. Will he choose humanity? Or will he turn his back upon it and embrace bloodshed?

MrShittehead · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings

Carnage Carnival

A unique vlogging experience from a psychotic vlogger.

BaiJ · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings