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Is he the killer? Or is he their hero? Primrose… eight letters, two syllables, and one name. He is known as the mysterious killer who leaves his victims unrecognizable. He usually roams the city at night, stalks his victims, and launches on them in wearing his favorite coat and a pair of black gloves. He is the man that sent shivers to the people of Emir City, the city which has the most number of crimes in all the land. He is the man that they fear even before the sun rose over the horizon and illuminated the city. But what does Primrose have that the people are scared of him? Or were they not really scared of the man? Read along and find out? “The flowery scent of the city covers a stench scent of blood that surrounds it.” Disclaimer: I do not own any of the arts that are on the cover. Everything belonged to their respective creators!

docaqui · Martial Arts


Evelyn Jada Wright a young twenty-two-year-old journalist major, fresh out of college lucky to have grabbed a spot as an intern in one of the highest-profile publishing company in the city was so unlucky to meet Mr. Daryl Smith on the faithful first day of her internship a meeting that leads to her losing her innocence in a most brutal way, which changed the course of her life, leading her down to the path of revenge, and a path of love, which will she chose or can she have both. Daryl Smith an egotistical male chauvinistic billionaire who believes that he can get whatever he wants even if it means grabbing it by force was unfortunate to get entangled with a young woman that created a chain reaction that impacted greatly in his life, what will he do when the side business that has been the source of his riches is threatened by an unknown enemy, what will he do to eliminate this unknown enemy, will he succeed. Elizabeth Lockwood one of the best defense attorneys in the city, and Mr. Daryl Smith lawyer, didn't care who she defends whether they are guilty or not all she cares about is doing her job, so what happens when the very job she held dear is being threatened by a blackmailer with a comprising video that has the power to end her very own career and might even land her in prison. What will she do to protect her job. Madeline Smith knew having an affair with her husband's lawyer is dangerous but she did it anyway believing that they were the only ones who knew about it. What will she do when she finds out that there is a video out there about the affair, and us in the hands of an unknown enemy who blackmails her with it. Who will she turn to for help, her husband or her lover. Avery Smith surviving on her own after being disowned by her father for being a lesbian falls in love with an older woman but what happens when she finds out that the woman she loves is planning on destroying her family whose side will she be on...... FIND OUT ABOUT ALL THESE IN HER VENDETTA.

snarkydove · LGBT+
Not enough ratings