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My wife is a secret agent

Xiu Kiara a rich hires the only daughter.Her mother left her after 3 days of her birth.Her Father was only family . Pampered and loved by all but was this love enough for her.. No it was not a time came when kiara choose a path which change her world. Lu Chen a business Tycoon, workaholic . Everyone feared him , He only cared about his family . He was full of secrets.The Lu family was the most influential family not only in business, everywhere . Know as the "devil with no horns" . what will happen ? when these will come along. "what is it wifey already tired" Lu Chen said in a teasing husky voice."I have work to do let me go" "No I won't why don't you tell this husband of yours he will help you whatever work you have to do" ........................ "I'm not as satisfied with you hubby ". "Really wifey then why 4 years ago when you were under me you were moaning mess even now you are like that" " well wasn't I was your first hubby huh?". " of you are and you are going to be my last also my little kitten" _____________ "we will be okay right" she asked in a low voice." of course love I'm right here"

Iqra_Shaikh_0694 ยท Contemporary Romance
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