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The two Mr.Cahill

I was never one to believe in Love but here I am today having the best sex of my whole life with the two most feard mafia twins who stole my heart. Alex is ruthlessly pounding in to my wet womanhood while am on all fours Alec is in front of me with his huge dick in mouth . I fell Alec grub a fist full of my hair and shove his dick till I fill the tip at the back of throat I a moan on his cork and I hear Alex curse from behind me enjoying my tight womanhood. I was so close to come they both pulled away from me and I nearly lose my mind this is the third time they refused to let me cum as a punishment ibfelt like killing them but I knew I deserved for what did last night. Suddenly they lie me on my back tie my hands to the bed frame and my feet to either side of bed so I couldn't move Alec takes a black vibrator from the table beside the bed and I knew I was screwed "Alec please don't am so sorry I will never do it again I swaer just don't please the denial is toucher enough please" He smiles at me before leaning in and kissing me briefly "You should have thought about the punishment before you went ahead and dry humped another man" he then places the vibrator in me and I let out a scream of both pleasure and pain,Alex then adds niple craps on me which drove to the edge . This goes on for hours untill all I see is darkness.

JadeGrey · Teen
Not enough ratings

The Butterfly Effect - Every Choice Has A Fatal Consequence


adriannaraines47 · Teen
Not enough ratings