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Blackwood High

Stood in the deepest depths of a hidden forest is a school. A school that is far from your expectations. A school that you never imagined to be built and exist in this world. A school that you never dreamed of entering and enrolling. 'Blackwood High' Most people knew that this school is full of young people who are "life wasted" and has no destinations for themselves. In short, school of rebels and hard-headed teenagers. But, was that really all? Was that the one and only truth lurking behind this mysterious school? I don't know. We still don't know. Same as Avy Demascenia. A girl who knows just a little information about the future school that she plans to enter in. She only knew that she's acceptable in here because of her attitude. Like a typical troubled teen, she's bad and cursed. She'll enter the premises of the school as an innocent girl but with a bad reputation. And together with you, with us... She'll uncover the secrets behind those black and dark gates of Blackwood High. ♤ • • • ♤ Author and BWH's President Warning: "Don't go, it's black and dark. Dare to enter, and your nightmare will now start."

Star_Inthe_Night · Teen
Not enough ratings