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The Lover Playlist

Rachelle "Elle" Hernandez, an eighteen-year-old girl who has been suffering from Epilepsy for almost her entire life. Ever since she was diagnosed with such condition, she never had any social life, she was homeschooled until now. All she had ever known was the internet, Netflix & Taylor Swift songs. Now, that she's good to go to a normal school, what has the real world in stored for her? Steven "Steve" Hayes, an eighteen year old boy who's widely known in their school, Roselake High School, for being their school's Basketball team Captain. He's not the usual jock, everyone likes him because he treats everyone nicely. He can socialize with everyone. Now that he has met Elle, what will happen when their different worlds collide? A growing relationship through songs - Taylor Swift songs - The Lover Playlist.

craywrites ยท Teen
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