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Where I Belong (REMASTERED)

A new era has begun and along with it, the life of a new Avatar. Born to Tonraq and Senna of the Southern Water Tribe, Korra introduces herself to the Order of the White Lotus as the new Avatar, at the age of four. Korra exceeds all expectations regarding the physical part of her training, mastering three out of the four elements by the time she was thirteen, but has always lacked a spiritual connection and has yet to master air. In hopes of becoming a fully realized Avatar, she travels to Republic City to complete her training. As the young Avatar ventures into the big city, she's faced with many new challenging experiences. All of which are essential to who she'll become one day. Korra worries that she'll never be enough, but when one connection runs deeper than the rest it sparks something new inside her... something no one has ever seen before. Will Asami's love be enough to make her realize the world needs her and--by her side--is where she belongs? (---) (I DO NOT OWN THE LEGEND OF KORRA)

SpeakEasyTonight ยท LGBT+
Not enough ratings