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Hell’s Family

Hell’s Family

"I'm calling off the engagement." A 20 year old mother of 3 said to her cheating fiancé. "I'm thinking of suicide-HAHA, just kidding!" A 21 year old girl said to her friend group, saying nervously as her eyes dart around the room. "Don't worry, we'll have a boy soon." The man said to his wife, gently caressing her back as she hold a negative pregnancy test in her hand. "I'll find my baby's father, even if it means if I have to die." A 20 year old mom of twins said, looking at the gun she held in her hand. They are all searching for one thing-Happiness. And they'll find it together, soon. And also, there's much more story to this book than you think....

Annie_Chevrolet · Teen
Not enough ratings