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“Are you scared?” His alluring eyes hold me captive like they have since the first moment we met. Back then I held his life in my hands. Now he holds mine. I smiled “No. Are you?” He looked like death itself. Cold green Eyes that even captive me. Dark hair cut short that moves in the wind. Dressed in black silk with a silver sword in his hands. A sword that will end my life in mere seconds. “Yes.” Nothing but a soft whisper. “I’m terrified. Of you. If whatever spell you cast over me. I’m terrified that I will loose you, and I hate it. I hate you.” Only I could hear. I was always the only one who saw his weakness. Until I became it. “You don’t.” We looked each other in the eyes. I show no fear, I refuse to let him show the pain and fear that is hidden deep inside me. I refuse to show how my heart is bleeding. How my fragile ripped heart is bleeding. Bleeding for him, my executioner. “You love,” he flinched at that word. “Me.” He growled at me. “Shut up. Just shut up.” He glared malicious at me. I only give him a sad smile. “I loved you too, you know.” I laughed bitterly. “I loved you so much I was willen to ruin myself for you.” He shakes his head like he is in pain. “It’s funny, isn’t it? How the one I sacrificed everything for, is the one who will end me. The one I loved believed their lies but tell me, why should I do it? What would I gain?” He doesn’t have an answer. “I gave up everything for you. Everything.” My hand clenched in a fist. “I’m not afraid because I have nothing left to loose.” He raised his sword and I close my eyes. This is the end. I will finally meet death by the sword of my lover. Far away from the ocean. Miles away from my home and heart. I feel the cold steal against my throat, the tip of his sword under my chin. He slowly pushes my head up. “Open your eyes.” I refused. “Open your fucking eyes, Nahla.” This time I obeyed. Our eyes lock for the last time. A pained look appeared on his face. My one face was blank, calm, ready for the death that awaits me. With a uncontrolled movement he threw the sword away, the unpleasant sound of metal meeting stone fills my ears. He took two steps to me and grabbed my face. Gentle, almost like he doesn’t want to hurt me. “You are fucking mine.” He growled. This time there is a look of determination on his face. “And if anyone dares to take you from me. I will destroy them.” Then he sealed out lips together. _________________________________________________ Inside for more information and full summary

IRIS123roosje · Fantasy Romance
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