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Thanos & His Red Rose

**** I DO NOT OWN THE AVENGERS MARVEL STUDIO CHARACTER, THIS IS MY OWN STORY. MY IDEA. IT WILL NOT FOLLOW THE COMICS NOR MOVIES, this is my own story and I will tell it (:***** Hope you enjoy***** Thanos as well all know is a mad titan who conquers all planets, he destroys those who do not follow he takes planets so he may rule, start peace. He had a vision to wipe out all planets so that he may rule over many. This takes place when Thanos is trying to collect the infinity stones as well as before he started planning to do so... Before he met the most beautiful woman in the galaxy... a Sorceress who can see parts of the future or past through visions or a touch of a hand. She can also heal herself & others. She... was his red Rose... as Thanos planned to conquer yet another planet he thought to stop at a planet named Veronia, half the planet was destroyed turned to dust while his followers gathered people to take back with him wether its to be another follower in his army or be a slave or a worker without a choice... his people divided the Veronians to those who will follow and to those who refuse to give in to the mad titan, one men brought forth a woman. Thanos was face to face with the Queen of Veronia.. her hips sway as she walks clearly upset but she was being dragged by his men to come forth to the mad titan.. the man let go of her and she stood at 5'5 still much shorter than the one she suspects to be their leader. She had long jet black hair that went to her waist, curves on her sides, eyes as blue as the sea, tan skin soft as silk. She wore a two piece outfit in the color red, with gems and ruby's outlining her outfit along with outlining her curves and breast. She wore a head piece with a gem that was pink and red in the center of her forehead. Will Thanos fall for the Sorceress? Will he kill her & her people? Will he use her then kill her? Will she love him in return? Will he win against the Avengers? Will the Avengers win? Find out & read on

Adrianna_Renee · Teen
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I Have Diabetes


OwOIsBannedUwU · Magical Realism
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