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My Testimony.

My Testimony. Simple as that.

Wintermoon · Teen
Not enough ratings

evangeline villegas

This book is about true to life stories and experiences of how God works in every situation for those people who display their faith in Him.

Daoist475224 · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

You May Know My Name But You Don't Know My Story

Cover by @ElleBrown28 This is a collection of stories by many people with all with a ton of different backgrounds. Christians, Muslims, atheists, and many more. This work is not aimed at converting the reader (you) to a worldview or religion. The aim and goal is to invite you in, show you that you're not alone and that there are so many people with pain. But pain isn't eternal this work will show how others came out on top. A collection of stories about life, worldviews, love, testimonies, depression, hatred, anger, God, and so much more! By writers and Wattpad users @Draekaan1700, @SaphiraFlames, @dxijx_sxnders14, @stormstars-, @RoseCarter501, @HaikuEnthusiast, my in real life friend Rachel, @VT_CenturianGirl, @ElleBrown28, @trisaratop, @dementia12, @AngelicWars, @xxAyshaxxx, my in real life friend @Notusedusername1, and my in real life friend Peter. But wait there is more people! @Katana391012, @Xx_TheRainbowGirl_xX, @lovemyst10, @_-Kimi-_, Hazi, @Muslimah-Warrior, @WolfLover24673, @AbigailBucks, @Fennagin, @flamesword01, @MaddySin777, @parv779, @Band_Freak_7979, @Quatainia, @savethebrokenboy, @utetauwase, @cupcakelover122, @Kristina_Daniel, @NastyHooman, David Henkel, me @Conner_Mikaelson or Saga, and soon to be more.

Shadowborn_ · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings