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Life On Mars

Colonization of mars was the first step for man to become an interplanetary species. From nearly half a century scientists from different parts of the world tried to know about mars. Mars captured interest of many people in colonization it. The red planet was somewhat similar to earth. It contains mountains, valleys,deserts,ice caps etc. It also contains liquid oceans in the past. Deep valleys and ridges are the proofs of liquid water once flowed through this land. But now it's barren and dead. It had lost it's atmosphere and magnetosphere which made the planet barren. So scientists are thinking that colonizing mars is easier than colonizing any other planets in the solar system. This is a fiction about colonizing mars which is going to be real in the near future.

Srinuyadav149 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Outlaw Knight, Deja Vu

Soul travelers memories " Every world has a story to tell, we can be part of it, but we have our own story to tell. Sometimes when I retreat in my silence I feel this world story flows without me and all people lives are spinning on a days wheel to nowhere " Along with our dreams, we have seen many worlds. Sometimes I remember things ... few songs or stories will take you somewhere, this is one of them..."

MarkoVanAryen · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings