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Assalamualaikum Kapten

Haura Nabilla Assegaf, mahasiswi Biologi murni tahun tiga yang tidak sengaja menabrak mobil seorang tentara berpangkat Kapten dan harus bertanggung jawab atas perbuatannya dengan ganti rugi yang tidak biasa. Namun siapa sangka berawal dari tanggung jawab yang tidak biasa itu pada akhirnya mengajarkannya bahwa "Belajarlah tentang kesetiaan seperti Aisyah yang mencintai Muhammad dan belajarlah tentang kesabaran seperti Fatimah yang menanti Ali dalam diam" [Religi-Romance-Militer]

SN_Aisyah · Teen
Not enough ratings


Erlangga Pradipta Bumantara (30 years old) A captain of a military organization, a widower with one child who is a teenager, has a secret love with a girl next door when he was 10 years old. Unfortunately, they were separated due to Erlangga's parents moved to other town to follow his father who was assigned outside Java because he had been promoted. Diajeng Maheswari (28 years old) A woman with a husband, a wife who was married to the rank of corporal, once had a one month daughter but the child died due to an illness. To get rid of her loneliness, she works at a large company engaged in the export-import sector. This is just a fictional story where all names and places are just the author's creation. Please support the author by reading only at Webnovel and leave your comments in every chapter. Thank you and have a nice day.

Anee_ta · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings